Magic. It is a word that brings to mind thoughts of knights, dragons, sorcerers, and witches fighting the supernatural fight of good vs. evil. But that is not the type of magic that I am talking about. For the context of this blog, we are talking about using magic to influence the course of events in your life. After all, that is what magic is; influencing the course of events by using mysterious ways or supernatural forces, tools, and thoughts to manipulate the world around us. We all have our own ideas of what magic is and how it is used, yet we do not realize that the strength and reality of our thoughts can and does work magic every day.

Our thoughts and our actions determine how we walk our path. We tend to forget that we are magical creatures created with the hands and the breath of a divine being who’s desire was to have creatures with the abilities of the divine nature to create and rule this world with free will and love. As we wake each morning and live our lives we have the potential to use our creative magic to change and influence the world around us. And there are moments in our lives when we have to be reminded that we are divine magical creatures who have the ability to create and change the universe around us.

When it comes to the new year, many of us resort to a kind of magical thinking that takes our creative power and free will away. We don’t realize that we are doing it. The type of magical thinking that I am talking about is the thinking where one says, “Changes will happen if the Lord wills it. Or my life has a destiny and what is going to happen will happen.” It is basically expecting someone else to be responsible for the changes that you need to make in your life for you. How does free will play into this? What is the point of making decisions if we are going to let life or other people’s opinions of us dictate to us how our decisions affect our lives?

In my opinion, allowing life experiences or another person’s view of us dictate how or why we decide to make a change is a copout. It’s the lazy way out, the way of not taking responsibility for your life. Why would you allow anyone else to determine what you are choosing to do in your life? Especially since we have a higher divine powerful creator who chose to give us free will to decide what we want to do?

Changes negative or positive will happen whether we participate in them or not. However, when we choose to participate with them, when we take the time to evaluate our decisions and make changes according to what we want we will be able to fulfill our purpose and have a sense of true self-worth, not when we give over to the magical thinking of “someone else will do it.”

We were made to be creative and to participate in our own lives within creation. That means participating in the decisions and choices that work to make changes happen for us as we live and grow. The beginning of a new year is always a good place to start because we are ready with ideas and have the will to move forward and make the changes necessary to walk our path and our truth. It is a time when we are open to reevaluating our selves and the journey that we are on to determine where we want to make changes in order to continue moving forward.

When you use real magic, it is using yourself to make changes that will ultimately affect the world around you and transform your reality. Every person has a purpose in creation and has the ability to transform reality just by being who they are. In order to work magic, you have to participate in the transformation you want to make and not wait for someone else to do it.

Using outside forces to try and transform the inner you will not allow real tangible transformation of reality to take place. When you operate from a place of the magic within you to make the changes you want to make you will have a strong sense of accomplishment and feeling self-worth that will propel you into the next area of potential in your life.

The truth of your experience has validity within creation and you have a voice and power to transform reality. Creating magic is simply setting an agenda for yourself to make the changes in your life experience that you want to make. When you blame others or circumstances because life isn’t going your way, you are giving away your power to do magic.

Operating in free will says, “I have the choice to decide what I want to do in my life because it is divinely given.” When you follow this simple motto that is when you will find the power to do magic and create the life you want to live.

Our divine creator said, “I will give you the desires of your heart,” the meaning is clear- You have been given the free will to have whatever it is in life that you desire because you have the power of the divine within you to choose the way in which you want to live this gift of life. You can do magic so do it.

For More on Life Transformation please watch the video titled “The Magical Power in You” by Aaron Tomlinson. Subscribe to our Youtube channel “The Awakened Person” for more insightful videos.


  1. Jeanette Peasley on April 6, 2020 at 6:32 pm

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  2. Kathy Taylor on January 7, 2020 at 11:52 pm

    This is so true. Aaron Tomlinson had spoken about this on Sunday. I so agree and try to set the example for others also. Thanks for sharing Jeanette.

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