For many people, the story of Cain and Able is more about two brothers and their relationship to each other and their rivalry for God’s acceptance which resulted in the first recorded murder. But if we take a deeper look into what the story is trying to teach us and take a more figurated and symbolistic look we can learn much more about ourselves and how we relate to creation.

The basic story is that Cain became Jealous of Able because God accepted Able’s offerings instead of Cains. See Holy Bible, Genisis 4:1-16 for the full story. On the surface, it appears to be a story about the rivalry of two brothers seeking acceptance from God. However, if we chose to see a deeper meaning we can find that they are the archetype of the two natures of ourselves; the productive and the dreamy.

When we take a step back and see that Cain went on to father the arts, the building of cities and agriculture it is apparent that he is more representative of our material experience on the earth. Able while he was murdered before he could build within the realm of earth represented our spiritual side. The inner imaginative side that at times can get so dreamy that we forget to live on the earth in the physical realm.

Most of us live at a place of either Cain or Able, Material or Spiritual. If we look at Cain as our productive part of self and Able at the more spiritual we will find that we tend to lean in one direction or the other. We often feel like we have to kill our Able side because it is the side that is more dreamy and doesn’t appear to participate.

Those of us who operate from a more dreamy state of mind often do not move forward with changes or being productive in our lives which can create a sense of hopelessness or dissatisfaction with our lives. So we go into states of depression or procrastination in changing areas where we feel that we need to change in order to be a more productive member of society.

This can often lead us to hate our Able side and want to slay him in order to be accepted by society who in essence is “God”. But when God told Cain that sin was crouching at his door and to rethink his actions. I believe it is a reminder to accept both sides of ourselves. It is a reminder to take to the time to find a way to bring a balance to our two sides and cultivate a feeling of cooperation within ourselves sot that we do not have to slay a part of ourselves to be productive in our lives.

How do we find balance? Take a moment to meditate and examine the areas of your life where you have strengths and weaknesses. Place those areas under either Cain or Able and examine what it is that you want to do with them in order to bring balance. Determine how you can use both sides to create the life you want and make the changes that you feel will help you continue in your life journey.

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