There comes a time in our lives, or perhaps a few times in our lives when we have to decide which path it is that we will take or stay on. We can choose to take the path of the Warrior or the path of the slave. Each path will take you on your journey and lead you to your destination. Both are equally challenging yet only one will reveal your authentic self.

Let’s discuss the path of the slave first. This is the path where most people spend their lives. This is the path where we conform to the beliefs and words of others. This path tells us to kill our ego and our innermost beliefs about who we are. This is the path set by society in religious, political and social circles that says, “Unless you conform to our belief system you will not be accepted.” This path forces you to become a slave to the will of others.

When we suppress our desires and beliefs to conform to a false ideal we are essentially becoming a slave to another’s belief system and we allow our truest core self to be killed. The death of our inner self opens doors to depression, a sense of loss, leaves us unfulfilled, and inability to express who we are. We then begin to act in ways that take us further and further from our authentic self and ultimately cause the death of the strength in our purpose.

The path of the Warrior is the opposite of the slave and goes against conforming to any other belief but the beliefs that we choose to have as part of our truth in our journey. This not only encompasses our physical journey but our spiritual and mental as well. We are called by Jesus to be like God. We are called to awaken to the divine within us. The part of us that merges our humanity with our diety.

Yes, we as images of the Great Creator are in essence mini creators having a material human experience. We are here to walk our journey, find our truth, and become our highest self. Walking this path takes the heart of a warrior. “The path of the Warrior is lifelong, and mastery is often simply staying on the path” – Richard Strozzi Heckler. It can be daunting and exhilarating at the same time and it will give you a strong sense of joy and well being in the person that you are.

When you choose the warrior path it can be seen as a rebel because you are essentially fighting for your authentic self to be heard and that will often require you to go against the grain of conformity. It means taking control of your life and your decisions and beliefs. It means being ready to own your actions and choices and take responsibility for your journey. You become a warrior to your right of choice and of being who you truly are.

Whichever path you decide to walk will enlighten your journey and present many circumstances in which you will learn more about who you are. When Jesus decided to walk the path of the warrior, he became a target of those who chose to be slaves and he suffered their wrath. The walk of the warrior is full of adversity and challenge but it is also a path of victory as you find that you can be in your purpose with strength instead of fear. You are the one who can change your journey by the decision of which path to follow. It is a daily choice because a path can have many twists and turns as you walk it, the wisdom lies in which direction you choose to take.

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